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Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs
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Why use an FER member

The Federation sets, as its minimum standard, the British Standard BS AU 257: 2002. Every member must work to this standard and there are checks to ensure they comply.

Customers using an FER member can therefore do so with confidence, knowing that they will receive good quality work, which is guaranteed for twelve months and is backed by the Federation's Complaints procedure in the unlikely event of anything going wrong.

All members are professionals with an enormous amount of skill and expertise in their field. They are also extremely enthusiastic about their work and engines in particular. Customers can go to a member and discuss their requirements knowing they will get a straight answer to their query. Although the answer may not in every case be what they want to hear since some engine are simply beyond repair, it will nonetheless be a truthful opinion based on years of experience in this field.

The service of an FER member does not stop at just rebuilding an engine or machining a head. All members have an extensive knowledge of automotive parts and components, and their quality. They will be willing to discuss your requirements with you, and offer help and assistance about which may be the best product to use. They can also supply components from a range of quality suppliers.

When using an FER Member, customers benefit from:

-Years of skill and experience

-A top quality job

-Quality parts and components

-Value for money (not necessarily the cheapest) .

-The backing of a National Organization

-Peace of mind

-A Complaints procedure if things go wrong

Consequently, FER members are constantly getting referrals from Trading Standards and motoring organizations such as the AA and the RAC.

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