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What is a Re-manufactured Engine

A remanufactured engine is exactly that – an engine which has been returned to the manufacturer’s specification to provide levels of performance, reliability and life similar to that of the original engine.

It is not a "replacement", "exchange" or "rebuilt" engine.

The British Standard Automobile Series Code of Practice BSI AU 257:2002 fully details how for spark and compression ignition (diesel) engines, components shall be inspected and checked against manufacturers tolerances. Key components including piston assemblies, big and small end bearings / bushes, gaskets, seals , timing chains and drive belts are renewed whilst items such as tensioners and dampers are checked and replaced where necessary.

Important additional operations such as crack testing machined components or deburring reworked oilways ensure original performance is achieved with reliability.

As well as having all key clearances, tolerances and end floats checked after assembly complete engines are also required to be checked for oil pressure and compression.

Finally, remanufactured engines offer the additional advantage of having their own unique serial number stated in the accompanying documentation which details renewed components, completion date, test records and relevant instructions.

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