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In 1937 a small body of engine re-manufacturers formed the National Association of Crankshaft and Cylinder Grinders with the main objective of establishing higher standards of workmanship within the engine re-manufacturing industry. In 1968 the Association was re-organised and became The Federation of Engine Re-Manufacturers but the objective remained the same, as it does today.

The BS Code of Practice was an important development in 1995 (revised 2002) and with an Approved Warranty scheme remains an important element in the FER seeking to raise the profile of the industry. membership is restricted to those companies whose standards comply with a strict engine and machining specification but those companies benefit from the provision of a full technical, educational and business service. Through its members, the FER covers every aspect of internal combustion engine re-manufacturing including automotive, marine, HGV, rail traction, off-highway, racing and competition engines.

The Federation is now the only corporate body representing the interests of the engine re-manufacturing fraternity in the United Kingdom and is therefore increasingly working internationally to support its members. These include discussions with Government about such issues as the the recycling of materials. Contacts throughout Europe and the rest of the world are constantly being strengthened to influence developments and conditions in, and the image of the industry as well as those with influencers such as the insurance industry where talks have been held about lower premiums for the use of recycled parts and engines

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